Cd1 and cd2 dont join i get cd1 and cd1 as my total film?



ok i have got a movie cd1 and cd2 and i have put both in svcd2dvd as i usually do the problem is that when its completed it comes out as cd1 and cd1! i have played the two halves seperatley and they are two different halfs . Also on the preview they are two different halfs but when burned together both halves are cd1 i have tried dvd santa also and the same result and i have tried to put them together with movie joiner and then into svcd2dvd as 1 file and the same result pls help as im going bananas :confused:


You’re using the wrong tools.
You need an authoring app that accepts your inputs directly, and creates a dvd.
I would suggest DVDLab or Tmpgenc DVD Author.


cheers reboot ill give that a bash and let u know the results