Hello, I am thinking about purchasing the Grado SR60i’s, and I would like to create a CD that has various audio qualities including different songs. To test, I will create a CD with several songs one as a WAV, MP3 at various bit rates. Basically a sampling CD to test the headphones how they sound at different qualities. Is this possible to do? I would like it to work on CD players. If so, what must I do? What software? I thank you for your attention and responses to this thread.



Why not test your files from HDD?..Are you going to be playing these wavs ,mp3s from disc, or portable device, HDD?..[I]Unless[/I] you’re burning a [B]DATA disc[/B], the burning app will create/burn a standard Audio CD (Redbook, pcm/wav, 16/44.1 khz disc…

I will be going to the store to buy me some headphones and they allow us to bring a CD to test so i wanted to make a CD to test. I thank you for your responses… I know this is a bit unusual.