CD writing



Hello friends
Is there any techinique to write a cd/dvd which is already written
(not a rewritable one).I first wrote a dvd, in which i didn,t used all of the space, can i write once again without old information being lost?


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Seriously: Only if the disc is multisession and you only closed the sessions. Once the disc is closed, you cannot write additional data to it.


If the CD-R, DVD+R or DVD-R has been written the first time in multi-session mode (and not finalized) then it’s possible to add more content up to the available space. Not all burning software support making multi-session discs.

If the CD-R, DVD+R or DVD-R was written as single-session or as multi-session and then finalized, there is no way to add more content to the disc.

The default in most (but not all) burning programs is to create a finalized single-session disc, where you cannot add anything after the disc is burned.

The built-in CD Recording funxtion in Windows XP Explorer creates multi-session CD-R discs by default, and you can add more files until you use up the available space.

I’m not sure what is the default for the built-in DVD recording function in Windows Vista.

Which software did you use for recording your DVD? Someone may be able to provide more specific information, if you can tell us the burning program used.


You can take the old data and transfer it to a new DVD in multi-session then add your new data to that. Otherwise, you’re likely stuck with your current data storage.