CD Writing/DAE : Premium, PX-716A or new PX-230A?



I’m in a bit of a quandary. I’m trying to decide between buying the Plextor Premium, PX-716a or the new PX-230A (assuming reviews are good) mainly for CD DAE and CD burning.

I have a NEC 3520 DVD Burner, and I’m not worried about DVD burning so much because that suffices. However, I do a lot of DAE and CD writing. I currently have a Plextor 48/24/48A which does a superb job. However, I like the additional features of the Premium and PX-716A drive for detecting errors, etc.

For CD DAE and CD burning would it make more sense to get a PX-716A? I’m not worried about the speed difference (52x vs 48x). The main thing that worries me is that Plextor may have stopped developing new firmware for the Premium. Obviously, they are doing a lot of work with the PX-716A currently. Do they ever make any updates to the CD media or new CD copy protection schemes on the PX-716A?

How about this new CD-RW they are coming out with the PX-230A? Does anyone have any info on this drive beyond the blurb on their website? I know it may not be available for another couple of days but it looks interesting. Is it just an upgraded version of the 52/24/52A drive?

Anyone have any thoughts or advice?


I don’t think that the Premium is something like a “discontinued” product. Some months ago a firmware upgrade for drives older than the Premium appeared, so I think that a new firmware would appear if needed. Clearly, newer DVD burners have more room for improvements and the firmware upgrades are far more frequent.

I don’t know anything about the new 230, but the lack of the advanced functions (Giga/Vari/SecuRec, Q-Check) makes me think that the Premium will remain their top-class CD-RW drive. :wink:



like ET said, i don’t think the Premium is considered a legacy product yet and FW could possibly still be released. that being said, the premium is still considered the top dog CD burner (and for good reason).

the PX716 isn’t as capable a CD burner as the premium (i.e. doesn’t handle copy protection schemes as well). that being said, i haven’t had much trouble with copy protections with my 716s.


Well Plextor hasn’t released an update for the Premium since November 2003 (1.05). I don’t think that bodes well for any new updates since it’s now January 2005. With the release of the PX-230A drive I wonder if it will be harder and harder to find a Premium…

They did release a bugfix only firmware update to the 48/24/48A drive back in August 2004 but at this point I’m not sure that means much.

Is the PX-716A considered to have the same excellent DAE as the Premium? I know it might not rip as fast, but as long as the quality is there that’s all that would matter to me…


716’s DAE capabilities are great, on par with the premium to my knowledge…several official reviews have it at 100%.


Why are you missing Firmware upgrades if the present 1.05 does all it needs to do and gives EXCELLENT write quality on nearly any disc you throw at the Premium? With the rise of DVD±R, development in the CD-R area is practically dead, so any Firmware upgrades for DVD burners will probably mainly affect DVD writing capabilities.


I agree that CD-R development is definitely terminal if not dead already (with the possible exception being Lightscribe).

Maybe it’s possible the Premium is perfect, but I am tempted by the “continuing development” of the PX-716A. Perhaps that is the best choice at this point.


do you care at all about DVD burning? if so, 716 is the obvious choice. if not, i’d go with the premium.

edit: well, i don’t know…even if you don’t care about DVD burning now, it’s always nice to have it if you ever decide you want it.


They even released a Firmware Update for 4012 in 2004. I am sure there will be one more for Premium.


Well I went ahead and bought the Plextor PX-716A. Got it for US$116.50 shipped from New Egg, with the $30 rebate Plextor US is currently running, it should definitely be worth it.

I’m currently running some PI/PO tests on some old burns just to see how they’ve held up…


Good luck with your purchase agentk7 :wink:


So far so good. Burned 4-5 DVD discs without incident. DAE seems to be right on par, if not better than my 4824A.

The tray seems a little flimsier then my 4824A, but maybe that’s just my imagination with the way it ejects.

I’ll still be looking forward to hearing about how the PX-230A compares against the likes of the Premium…


post some scans!!! :bigsmile: :iagree:


Thanks for letting us know your experiences, good to hear that the drive is working as it should.

About the drive’s tray: I have the same feeling as you. The new drive trays seem flimsier but they are also much quieter than the old Plextor drives. I remember the first Plextor CD-RW burners and their trays. When you opened it, it sounded like the drive was complaining. It was a great sound though :slight_smile:


I’m in a similar quandry. I’m trying to decide between the Premium and the 716SA (SATA version). I, too, don’t care much for DVD burning at this point. But chances are I might get into it in the future. Then again, when I DO get into it, there may be far better DVD burners to choose from. No?

So, purely for CD burning (at this point), which would you recommend?

Any ideas much appreciated.


IMHO, the Premium. :bow:

:slight_smile: ET


The 230A is no real Plextor AFAIK … the 522452 wasn’t a real Plex as well.


Well, the Premium is the 523252, isn’t it?


Exactly … problem is, the new 230A is rated 52x32x52x as well … that will lead to some confusion in the future.


5224 was a real Plextor. The mechanics of the drive look very much the same as those of 4824.