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Can someone direct me in the right way of a cd writer. I have been told it would be best to get a CD writer with a philips chip set or somthing like that :confused: can some one tell me if this is right, and what cd writers have this chip set??


Better run a search to get more info about this subject.
I have a plextor 16x it rules can advice it to everyone it works smoothly with all the copy programs like cdrwin,nero,enz enz

So if you want a good writer buy a plextor.


I think the Philips was recommended to you because it can handle the latest copy-protection called SafeDisc 2. However I would advise you to get an ACER which can also handle this protection and is a lot better. It lacks in reading abilities but if you would use a different unit for this like a Toshiba DVD you can copy everything…

A Plextor is always a good choice but most Plexie’s cannot do the SafeDisc 2 :frowning:

A good reference guide would be the CloneCD Hardware Requirements:

Look for a drive that supports:

-DAO-RAW96 writing
-RAW-96 Reading (both audio and data)
-Correct EFM Encoding (for SafeDisc 2)



Goddammit! I wanted to buy the best, a plexwriter, for my birthday in 2 weeks. R u guys suggesting that a Pw16x isnt the best? What burner do u guys recommend? Money ain’t the option:)(actually it is, 500DM is the limit)



HP (some models)

try those.

I agree with Gamefreak on this one, if you want something that can handle Safedisc1/2 and the other flavors of copy protection
look at the clone list. You’ll be surprised that some of that will not right raw, just plain sao. and Raw is what is needed for the protections, you dont want to have the burner or software trying to correct these errors because they usually built into the cd on purpose, I found a setting in ccd (click on the finger in the program and tell it no correction(actually its a tab)


I have read here that the chipsets, RAW-DAO 96, and EFM are of major concerns when dealing with SafeDisk/2 so my question is, is it the hardware or firmware that makes some units better than others? I don’t have much background with CDR material and lasers but the writers are just a stepper motor attached to a mechanism to move the laser. If it is the firmware why can’t the Plextor 16/10/40 do the same as the Acer 16/10?

:confused: Just need a little background to help the grey matter organize things better.



Originally posted by o324712
is it the hardware or firmware that makes some units better than others?
The question if the burner can handle SafeDisc 2 or not is based on the burners chipset mostly. There are rare cases when a firmware downgrade (eg. the Plex1210A) will ‘enable’ SD2 backups but this normally doesn’t work.


All I have to say Is either PLEXTOR or TDK (same make)


Originally posted by R0bby
R u guys suggesting that a Pw16x isnt the best? What burner do u guys recommend?

I think a Plex is still the best, but it just can’t burn SD2, atleast most versions.
An Acer may be able to burn SD2 but I don’t think it will be as good as a Plex on other burnjobs! In that case a Plex rulez!
But… the new Plex 24x is coming…


just wait for the plextor 24-speed to arrive. (mid-august 2001)
should be same price as 16-speed right now, AND can handle SafeDisc2:)