CD writers not working on 2 PC's



I have 2 PC’s at home and they both go idle after 5% of a burn process. Occasioanlly after a long wait (3+ mins) the process will resume and a the burn will be successful.

This happens in Alcohol 120% and Nero and with 2 different types of media.
It seems strange to me that the Exact same thing happens on two different PC’s with different Drives.

I have repeatedly unistalled the programs, the drives themselves and cleaned the registry and it still happens. I have also completely removed Alcohol 120% (and its SCSI drivers) and have never installed Clone CD or Daemon tools

Windows XP Corporate SP2
SATA 7200RPM HDD (Using Nvidia SATA Controller)
LiteOn SOHR 5238S FW4S04 (Using Microsoft IDE controller) Primary Master , DMA 2

Windows XP Corporate SP2
IDE 5400 RPM HDD ( VIA IDE controller) Primary Master, DMA 5
MSI MS-8340 FW110D ( VIA IDE controller) Secondary Master, DMA 2