Cd writer

Hi, I want to buy a cd writer lite on offcorso
i want a cd writer less expensieve, and max ocable…
wich model do you recomend me and why?
i want a least oc it to 52x
thanks in advance

LiteOn LTR-48126S

what are the possibilietes qua ocing etc

Only the newest chipset can be flashed to the 52x firmware, and the 48126S is at the bottom of that group. Only those drives with a “6” in the model number have the new chip.

if i buy the LiteOn 48/12/48 then i can upgrade it to a LiteOn 52/24/52 ?

Yes. As long as it’s a 48126S. It’s not the fact that it’s a 48/12/48 that matters, as you might wind up with an older 48125W, or 48125S. Note that the (5) indicates a Mediatek 5 chipset, and is not flashable to 52/24/52, while the (6) is.