I really need some advise, I want to buy a new cd Writer and maybe also an new cd-reader

The writer must fit in the following specifications

Fully supports for 80 Minutes CD-R’s.
Supports OverSizing/OverBurning.
Writes CD-R’s at 4x speed or better,
I prefer 8x speed.
It Should be able to copy Protected CD’s.
It Must support TAO, DAO, Multi-Session & Incremental Packet Writing.
The firmware must be Flashrom upgradeable.
if it is important than also raw reading/writing

Has anyone some tips and advice for me,

thankz in advance, ViNcEnT
Cd-Freaks = rulez


Hi !
Here is more than a tip, this site gives you all the comparaison between what you need…

Have Fun !!
Obike Fixx.



I have the Plextor 8220i and it supports all you’ve mentioned.
It’s even SCSI
Go to get more info

Greetz Liquidsky