CD Writer

Right now I have a HP CD Writer 8100. The big drawback? I cannot use CloneCD with this machine. So I want to buy a new, reasonably priced writer that can handle CloneCD without any problems. I do not care about speed a whole lot, reliability is more important to me. Any suggestions? Thanks

Search the various topics on this and other forums here…
You will find the Plextor highly recommended and when you want to buy a cheaper one, get the Lite-On for example, cheap and yet it has Burn-Proof technology…

Thanks Taxman. One problem, I can’t get a Plextor here. Do you have any experience with HP 9150i or 9340i? In fact, I read the forums quite extensively and I wondered if the list with compatible writers is ever updated. I mean the list that is referred to on Clone Cd’s site (somewhere in Germany).

I don’t think that the site is up to date I personally tried it with other cdwriters and it worked fine for me

If you want a good writer for less money,
then try WAITEC, i tried all of them with clone, and worked perfectly!!!

So look for a dealer near you…


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Heb je met de waitec ook safedisc versie 2 kunnen “backuppen”?