Cd writer writes successfully but can't be read! pls help



hi, i have a Yamaha cdrw8424E, recently i used Nero to write a VCD on a sony 700mb cdr. it went well but it wont play to any of my vcd players, and it can't be read from my cd rom. Please help , i need help on this , is it possible that my cd writer lens is already damaged? or is it possible that the media is not a good quality. pls help, thanks :frowning:


Sometimes cd’s just go awry.

Does the CD work in your burner?

What OS do you have?
Have you removed the file scsi1hlp.vxd from /windows/system

More details please.


the CD doesn’t work on the burner, i’m running on a windows 98SE machine 128mb ram, 30gb seagate HD, my cd writer is an IDE, i haven’t remove the file scsi1hlp.vxd from /windows/system yet. this happened to me thrice already. pls help, thanks :slight_smile:


OK do the following.

  1. Remove the file scsi1hlp.vxd from windows/system/iosubsys, and read the sticky in the clonecd forum.

  2. Throw the CD away, it is useless.

  3. Buy some re-writables and then try again.


hi, i did Remove the file scsi1hlp.vxd from windows/system/iosubsys but after writing successfully from Nero, the CD can’t be read from my VCD player and the disc is empty. can someone help me? been having troubles with this… any help with be appreciated. thank u .


1: Do this only happen with VCD?
2: Have you tried different media?
3: Do music and normal data work ok?



Why not use VCDEasy (free from I believe) for vcd / svcd image creation and use Nero to burn the image.

Some say Nero is flawed for svcd creation but I am no longer sure about this - still, VCDEasy is used by many and works well.



Is the file scsi1hlp.vxd from windows needed at all.
Can I just delete it


No, not really needed, but leave just rename in case any old apps actually require it.

Just to be careful, rename instead of delete.