CD writer won't overburn in Nero

Hey guys,

I have a mitsumi 4809(24x) running Nero and everything runs fine except for overburning. The drive is clearly recognized, but everytime i set it to overburning, after going through preferences, adjusting the overburn to 85 minutes, and starting the burn. It pops up a msg on the screen saying that the cd doesn’t have sufficient space, and then spits out the cd(no matter what brand or size). So in order for it to write, i have to trim the filesize down to 700 megs or less.

But when i use NTI’s burning software, i’ve never encountered a problem overburning over 700 mb.

Normally, i overburn to 710 mb in NTI, which is well below the limits of my cd media(checked in nero overburning test) which is usually an 80 min ritek, tdk, or misubishi chm.

I’m stumped at what seems to be the problem, i assume if nero recognizes the drive, it should know its capabilites.

One more question, my drive supports cd text, but everytime, i record a music cd using either software, i can’t seem to write the track names to the cd’s. Every time i play it on my cd drives which support cd text, it always comes out as just track numbers, never text. should i try a different media player? Thanks


I had this and I got it to work by first making an image and then the overburn pane would pop up - you have set the expert options to overburn and 83mins+ and use DAO?

It appears Nero goes wrong by doing upgrades (for some people) - and Nero is flawed - use

Uninstall nero, remove all entries from your registry, install straight, set the options, and it should work.


yes, i’ve gone through the expert options and did the 83+ min plus as well as disc at once, but as always no luck. I’ll try a re-install when i get the chance, for now i’ll just keep using the trusty NTI burning apps. thanks for the input though.