CD Writer won't burn at high speed

Hello everyone,

Well I wanted to ask u guys a question. I have an LG 52X Burner and a Ben Q DVD Burner connected to my computer. The cdr is the master and the DVD r is the slave. I am getting this problem almost 6 months ago, whenever i try to burn a cdr i put the speed up to 48x and the cd allows 48x burning but yet the cd gets about 15 minutes to get burned very low speed burning. thugh that probably it was the recorder but today i bought the dvd burner Ben q and put in a movie to rip it out and yet the rate is 500 kbps and its going damn slow when my friends have told me that it should be aorund 4000 kbps i dont know if the cable could be the problem or the motherboard could someone help me out here cause I am really desperate to burn in god speed ha. PLease answer ASAP thank you guys

Check the DMA settings and report back please.

The BenQ, which model? Normally for BenQ 16xx should be in Ultra DMA Mode 2 (UDMA2).

thanxs for your prompt response very thanful for that

Ok I checked for DMA and i had the settings set to DMA if available on both hard drives, now what should i Do or is this something wrong? Hopefully u could answer back


BTW the model number for the BENQ is DW1620


Please post your computer spesification and windows version.

Below the “DMA if available”, on the right of Current Transfer Mode, what do you see? As I said before, you should see Ultra DMA Mode 2 in order your BenQ 1620 to perform well. If it’s not set to Ultra DMA Mode 2, delete the IDE channel where your drives are and windows will reconfigure it back.

Windows XP Professional
256 MB Ram
1 HD= 20 gb
2 HD= 120 Gb
Pentium 3 1 ghz

ok restarted computer and it comes out. On the primary hard drive I put DMA if available but on current transfer it comes out PIO only and on secondary hard drive it comes out Ultra Dma 2. But if Uninstall the primary hard drive wouldnt it give an error that I am disabling mt primary hard drive or how does that go?


ok I removed the ide driver that only had PIO mode but when t reconfigure the ide driver it took back to PIO mode dont know what else i can do :frowning: please help


I’m new to the site. Need help. My CD recording speed has slowed down from 2 minutes to 6 minutes per 2 track, 80 minute recording. Is the problem the CD burner. I have Windows XP and upgraded from Roxio 5 to Roxio 10.