CD Writer vs CD Reader Epic Battle



deleted by author, my apologies for not better understanding the reg’s. I am very obviously making additional licences and that falls under the “remove thread” bit of the rules. thank you for pointing out error.



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I have been attempting to make back-up cd’s of many of my and my wife’s favorite games so that we can play them on our network.

Now name me a reason not to delete/close this topic…


I am not sure I understand the question. Did I post in the wrong place, or ask or do something against the policies of the forum moderators? If so my apologies.



The fair use policy speaks of making a backup to not damage your original cd-rom while using the software on the cdrom.

It does not speak of adding an extra license to use the same software on another computer. That is not a backup anymore , that is an illegal copy.

The first part of the problem can exist because of the copy protection used on the media or the writing behaviour of the writer itself. Usually hiding the ATIP (feature in clonecd) can solve this.

The second part of the problem can exist with on-the-fly writing. Try and use a temprorary swap. (Make an image of the original first , then write a cd from the image , then delete the image).


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Now name me a reason not to delete/close this topic… [/B]

Unless he purchased a license for a 2nd copy, there’s no absolutely no reason why this thread’s still open, or exists for that matter. Rules are rules.:cop: