CD Writer Troubles

In December 1997 I purchased a Yamaha CDR200. 2X Write, 6X Read. It was SCSI 2 etc.

Recently the drive only seems to write correctly on silver gold CD’s and no other others. If i use green, blue etc the disc writes but reads back VERY VERY slowly.

Why is this happening? Why does it still read but only very slowely? I have been recently been experiencing problems with all types of CD’s.

Yes I know what your going to say. Get a new CD Writer! Yea ok but which one? I have been using the old patch system with games as my cdr does not support RAW writing.

What drives out there. A) Read in RAW mode B) Write in RAW mode, C) Are Reliable D) SCSI E) Can write 80min CDR?

any ideas?

But still please tell me why my CD’s write ok, but only read back at 1x or less?

Also: Which SCSI cards out there support SCSI 3 and are compatable with Clone CD etc?

The drive i swear by is Mitsumi 4804TE its an IDE (no problems there cos u can use the scsi for say a new hard disk)

DEAD CHEAP, can burn ANY copy protected cd (except cd-cop protection but nothing can copy it yet)

AND FITS ALL UR CRITERIA EXCEPT SCSI (but its fast enough and dont need scsi speeds anyway)

Its CloneCD compatible (check out )

Thats my choice i bought it for 130 pound sterling (UK pound)


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As allways use plextor and clonecd