CD writer roundup @ Tomshardware

I just posted the article CD writer roundup @ Tomshardware.

JimKiler used our newssubmit to tell us that TomsHardware has a CD burner comparison on their website. The tested burners are models of Yamaha, Acer and TDK.

Here is the conclusion of the…

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Too bad they didn’t test the Liteon and Plextor 24x… Could have been interesting :slight_smile:

I can’t believe a site like Tom’s would not include Plextor in the reviews or even review the Yamaha as a SCSI with the adapter.

Note that there is a mistake in the conclusion: The AOpen CRW1232A has the JustLink function, which is equivalent to BurnProof.

Yeah, they should include Plextor! I don’t get exactly what the error correction feature is - but that is a feature that most writers have - including Yamaha. So don’t confuse us, huh??? Do they mean burn proof, etc.

:7 Just to remind you the tdk is a plextor 241040 drive so there would be no need to go back and do plextor again.