CD Writer Prices

I live in India. I need to know the name of sites which provide prices of Cd Writers. I am looking for an entry level or just above that type of a Writer. Which one would be a good choice ? help me decide please…:cool:

I don’t know any sites that will sell in India but here’s a dutch site where the prices are in €’s (Euro’s).

try here

Dear Mr Wookie,

For someone from India it would be very hard to read Dutch, so the link you provided will be of little use to him.

The link provided my Mr Oaky_88 makes much more sense, since it is in English and thus more international. The link provided by Mr Oaky_88 lists many dealers where hardware can be ordered and have it shipped to many countries all over the world (do check for overseas shipping policy and costs of shipping and Handling (S&H).

As to the answer to the subsidiary question, what writer would be a good choice, I would like to refer ro our search function available on your upper right corner (and mentioned in my signature) for many threads that may be of help to you. For a fair price/quality ratio I would suggest you check out one of the LiteOn drives. They offer good quality, are able to backup many types of CDs and are offered at a fair price.


Thanks Taxman.

The X24 Liteon have come down appreciably in price and offer the best value by a big big margin ( the difference in speed between a X32 and a X24 is minimal due to how the mechanics function)

Hi I live in Australia and maybe in the market for a new burner. I currently have a Creative 12x10x32x but its just not working as well as it used to. I’m also looking for some kind of advice on upgrading my computer. I have a Intel Celeron 500 Mhz with 512 Meg of RAM, 40x Reader, the burner listed above, 8.4 gig hard drive, win ME (gettin XP Soon) I would apreciate any advice you can give me, Thankyou in Advance


Also if anyone has any online sites but australian, (or accept AUS Dollars) could you please post them here as well. Thakyou