CD writer output -> emty cd


After I burn a CD the cd is empty.
I use a cd with the description “verbatim datalife plus super azo crystal cd-r 52x 700 mb dl+”.

I tried this with 3 burn programms and they all deliver an empty cd.
With Ahead Nero 7 the message is:

  • Burn process completed succesfully at 8x
  • Data verification started
  • E: QSI DVD/CDRW SBW-081 (This is the cd writer of my Medion Laptop model 9783)
    Read errors from sector 0 to 597
  • Data verification failed

I tried to find new drivers, but medion don’t offer these and according xp I already have the latest one.

What can I solve this problem?


I guess it’s possible that you’ve got [B]simulation[/B] checked somewhere in the preferences or when you start the burn.

Good CDs btw & best to burn audio at 16x & maybe at 24x. Nothing to be gained by burning so slow.

Nero should give you the option of saving a log file. Save it & post it back here as this can be most helpful to us.