CD Writer no longer writes

I have Windows ME, a CD Writer drive LG CD-RW CED 8080B which until very recently was working fine. The computer is 3 years old. I can play CDs in the drive, but not write to them now. I have tried various different makes of CD. Also tried different writing programs, Easy CD Creator, Nero Burning, Windows Media Player (Roxio), but nothing works. Usually use Easy CD Creator, but I thought that when it read each track the yellow bar would move up, and then it would write each track, but now :sad: the bar doesn’t appear, and it says Buffer 100% really quickly, and then proceeds to skip the first track and promptly finishes the CD with nothing on it. Any suggestions? If it is a case that the CD Writer needs replacing I have no idea how to do it, so would rather not attempt it if it can at all be avoided. I know one day I will have to delve into that tower, but I am putting it off for as long as I can.
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Annie.

don’t know a thing about WinME, or too much about Roxio, but have you installed or uninstalled any soft or hardware recently ? also, what happens when trying to burn a CD with Nero ?

What are you trying to copy, is it a music CD.

ok in device manger remove the device,in the add/remove prg. option,remove all burning software download nero clean and run it in safe mode after you remove everything,trun putter off,restart puter,windows should find the drive and reinstall it have your windozo disc add the drivers for your drive,install the burning software,reboot ,try to burn.

IF you have to change it unplug the computer,push and hold the on switch for 10 sec.remove side/s as needed there should be 3 plugs a 4 wire one (power), a 40 pin one interface(should be keyed so you can not error(as a check the red strip should be on the side with the 4 pin white (power conn),on the other side is where the audio cable (small and 3 or 4 pin) some computers may not have a audio cable ,remove thease take out the 4 scrwers ,slide the unit out the front,you will see a small set of pins in a row of two one of thease has a small jumber on it look at the drive you are removing and make the pin on the same conn as the old drive,ie cs=cs,,slide the drive back in,use the screws that come with the new drive not the old ones,reconnect the cables on back ,put sides back ,plug in ,stare burning,
Good Luck

Thanks for advice, I’ll go try some of those things and see what happens.

I have uninstalled Norton Internet Security 2002 and installed Norton Internet Security 2005, which was initially unsuccessful, so uninstalled and reinstalled it. Has been ok since. Also uninstalled some games etc as I was running short of space on the C Drive. Discovered I should have been deleting TEMP files for the past three years, so I deleted those and gained some space back. When I try to use Nero, it comes up with a box that wants to save it as an image file on my D Drive. The drive still plays CD’s but will not write to a cd, have tried different makes, tried copying music and word document files, neither work. Thanks for any help you give. :confused:

I have the same problem as you have and have also noticed there are some more queries to the same problem in this forum if you manage to find a fix please let me know Thanx Darsh

Hi, I have good news. Firstly I tried removing the drive in Device Manager and rebooting, but this was no help. Bumped into an old friend, and arranged for him to come round and install a new CD Writer drive for me next week. However, in the mean time, not wanting to be beaten by mere technology, I rummaged through my supply of computer stuff and found some different CD’s that I had totally forgotten about. I knew the drive would play a bought music cd, so I tried a cd I had made containing word documents and spreadsheet, it opened all of those. Found a CD with digital photos a friend had made for me and it opened all of those. So I put in one of the new disks and tried to record and bingo it worked. Tried it after and it played fine. So took one of the other makes and that worked too, tested it and it too was fine. The only difference I can see, is that the first two CD’s which didn’t work were CDRW’s, one was a make I had used before and one was a new make I had never used (Packard Bell). The two that worked were CDR’s and they were Imation and Master CDR Pro. So I am pleased that I do not need to replace my drive, but still a big miffed as to why it no longer wants to burn CDRW’s. Maybe you know of a reason why this may be. As far as I am aware, I have not altered anything myself which would make this happen. I told someone about this and he suggested I should try to format the CDRW to see if that makes any difference. What do you reckon, might this help?

You need to format like you format a floppy nero and many other tools do it ,i would give it a try,it might take a bit(pun) but it cost only time ,i have trubel with hp cdrw i gave that brand up,

Thanks for the advice braynes. I have had a look and cannot see where to begin with formatting a disk. I have Nero, Easy CD Creator, Windows Media Player and Real Player, but must be looking in the wrong place. Point me in the right direction, please.

in Creator it is under Disk at the top left and nero it is under recorder upper left, have a disc in the drive 1st

Thanks, I’ll go have a try