CD-writer HP 9210i (SCSI) complex problem! Hardware wizzards..HELP ME!



Hi! (its long but I think it’s a challenge!)

This is the situation. Last New Year I bought the cd writer 9210i (8x4x24). Since I had no SCSI, they gave me a Adaptec SCSI-2 ISA card with it. When I installed the whole stuff (in Win98) there was no problem at all! But…

About 10 times a year I choose to format all my three harddrives to be sure nothing is left behind for MicroSoft

So I installed all the hardware again (and all the latest drivers and updates). Now the weird stuff: my cd-rom drive works fine if I don’t install the burn HP drivers.

The writer although is recognised by the SCSI card and reads like a cd-rom drive, but *.dat files can’t be displayed smoothly (movie), It sucks all of my processor usage (P2 350 128Ram), and the cd-rom can play those *.dat files without problems (and no processor usage at all!). All other movie formats give no problems.

Once I installed the HP drivers 2 use the burn capacities, the problem of reading *.dat files fluently, resists. But another problem rises…the ordinary cdrom drive now completely refuses to play the *.dat files!

Can anyone help me?

If u need some more info…please feel free 2 reply and I’ll will post the info required.

Thnx in advance!

Black Knight


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Hmmmmm I dunno how to solve this, but maybe you can help me. When I play a ASF movie from cd it doesn’t play smooth at all. I’ve got a Athlon 600, 128MB, Tekram SCSI2 and a Plextor 40X reader! Strange??
Could this be due to my SCSI or Plextor drivers???



I am having a nervous breakdown . Asking a question and giving one in return…errrrrr.

Sorry, I am not the wizzard u hoped 4…

It sucks…really…

I am going 2 throw the stuff out of my window, form the 12th floor LOL! Maybe it will work?

Greetz again…4 nothing…

Black Knight