CD writer hates one motherboard, likes all others

I have an old Socket 7 computer with FIC PA-2007 motherboard connected to an Acer 1208A CD-writer. A few weeks ago this drive started to blink its status light and turn its spindle motor on and off, and an identical 1208A (same 9.CC firmware) behaved exactly the same. This stops when the drive cable is disconnected. All other CD writers work fine with this motherboard, and both 1208As work fine with every other motherboard.

I’ve changed cables (CD writer on its own cable), master/slave jumper settings, and power supplies, but the 1208As still act up, and only in the PA-2007 system.

I rule out viruses or interfering software because the 1208As behave badly even when I boot from a floppy with no hard drive in the system. I’ve even re-flashed the motherboard BIOS, including its boot block.

The other drives I’ve tried include a Lite-On LTR-32123S, three 48-52X BenQs, and old Toshiba and Sony CD-ROMs.

The other motherboards range from a fairly new Sempron64 with nForce3 chipset to some that are even older than the PA-2007, including a 100 MHz 486.

I’ve measured voltages with a meter at the points of load, and all voltages are within 2% of nominal values.

I know that CD writers are cheap, and I don’t really need this PA-2007 motherboard, but I want to know what’s causing the drives to act funny with it, especially when the problem started only a month ago.

This is kind of a wild guess (to kind of an odd problem), but perhaps you have some corupt drivers. When you install a diffrent drive windows uses a diffrent driver and thats why the others work. When you install that drive, it uses the corupt driver thinking it is fine, and you have the problem. Perhaps you could try to find out where the driver is on the hard drive, and delete it, forcing windows to reinstall. Just a guess though.

Current BIOS in all those boxes?

I’m running Windows 98SE. Doesn’t it use one driver for almost all CD drives?

I have the latest BIOS – only 5-6 years old. :wink:

Sounds like an incompatibility (what a crap word) that cannot be solved with those components connected…