CD-Writer don't write correctly!

Hi all, newbie here!

Well I don’t speak english very well but I will try to explain the problem. The computer of my brother broke so he gave me his cd-writer. I install it and it reads the cds very well. Some days ago I bought some cd-r to make some music cds and the cd-writer don’t work at all. When I was burning the cd everything looks fine, but when I try to play it, my cd player don’t recognise it. I put it back in the computer and the cd looks like it was empty.
I’m using the program Nero 6 and HP CD-Writer Plus. If you need more info please tell me.


There used to be a setting within Nero to simulate a burn to CD rather than actually do it. It’s actually in the help documentation. With any luck this is your problem. I can’t find it at the moment but it is there somewhere.

Yeah in the Nero Express when you click more option in the final burn settings. But I don’t think I checked it, because I try to reburn the cd and it ask for an empty cd-r.
Thanks for the help

from what did you burned that cd? mp3/wma…or maybe you ripped another cd to wavs?

mp3 :slight_smile:

update the burner’s firmware and burn again if it wont go well then try another media brand