CD Writer advice



Right now I have a HP CD Writer 8100. The big drawback? I cannot use CloneCD with this machine. So I want to buy a new, reasonably priced writer that can handle CloneCD without any problems. I do not care about speed a whole lot, reliability is more important to me. I posted this same message under hardware forum. Any suggestions appreciated.


I would go for the PlexWriter 1210a. This writer is very good (except with SafeDisc 2). It can read/write SubChannel data very fast and it supports DAO-RAW (CloneCD). Please make sure when you go out and buy this beauty to ask which TLA number your burner has. TLA#0101 has problems with the SubChannel Data. The rest is ok,… no great :smiley:



Thanks for your reply, Mr Freak!?. However, where I live it is fairly difficult to get hold of just any writer. That particular Plextor for instance is not available. As you no doubt have noticed already I’m a true newbie, so what does TLA stand for…sorry! Could anyone recommend HP 9150i or 9340i. Much appreciated. Is it a problem that the Plextor you recommend is not really capable of dealing with safedisk 2 protection?


The writers you mention are good, but Plextor is better when it comes to reading special data. Some original CD’s have a so-called digital ID protection like the SecuROM protection and the PlayStation protection. Also the Plextor can read CD-text and karaoke discs. That’s the main benefit over the HP I think.

The HP does supports RAW writing which means it can write uncorrected data and it is capable of producing working copies of disc that have error protections like the SafeDisc protection.

However there is now a new version of the SafeDisc protection: SafeDisc 2 (SD2). I dont know if the HP can backup this SD2 which is found on almost all new games like Red Alert 2 and No One Lives Forever…

If you’re not really into backing up games the HP is a good choice. You can always use cracks from :slight_smile: