CD Write Problem Windows XP

Sorry to bother you guys but I am at my wits end. I figured I would inquire here before I reinstall all software on my PC again. I have a LITE-ON LTR-48246S CD-RW Drive that can read CDs without any problems but seems to get hung up when I go to write to a CD. The write process will start but then the drive gets hung and I end up with “unable to write data to CD” message in Windows XP Wizard. No matter what size file I try to write to the CD Drive the process time is displayed as 5 seconds – even for large files. When I try to use Roxio to perform the same task, it too gets hung up in the write process. Specs to the box that I am having the problem with are listed below. I have made sure that all the settings are where they should be IMAPI Services, CD Properties, update Drivers etc. I have also repaired Windows XP, uninstalled Roxio and reinstalled. The results are the same. I know the CD Drive works because I swapped it out and tested it on another box during trouble shooting. I’m about ready to take this one and throw it through the wall.

PC: Gateway Desktop 700 Series
OS: Windows XP Pro SP1
CD Drive: LITE-ON LTR-48246S CD-RW Drive
Additional CD Burning Software: Roxio Easy CD Creator Platinum

I apologize for placing this in wrong forum - my bad.

is the drive connected stand alone on the ide cable ? if not its connected along with another optical drive or with a hard drive?

is dma enabled? see this guide
have you tried several media brands or just one?
do you usally disable antivirus resident protection before burning? if not then do so everytime before your gonna burn something and enable when done
run a defrag on all partitions

its been years since ive used easy cd creator,there is a “show details” button while burning right? click it and copy and paste whats there (after the burning process fails) or take a screenshot and upload to and give link