CD-Wow ordered to pay £41m damages for importing its CDs

I just posted the article CD-Wow ordered to pay £41m damages for importing its CDs.

While it is quite obvious that the record companies go after those who sell pirated music CDs, the last thing one would expect would be the record companies to go after those who sell the real…

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Pretty typical for the UK - everything is over priced and if you try to get around it by buying the item from somewhere else it’s “illegal” - stupidest thing I ever heard. I see no real reason why buying a product from another part of the world should be illegal!

If CD-WOW are killed off, or if they are forced to increase their prices, they’re merely giving legitimate customers the impetus to become pirates because they will not put up with over-inflated prices. I also have to wonder exactly how much of this £41million will be paid out to the artists, or will be used to fund new music projects. Thanks BPI. :r

Pft exactly, consumers looking for a bargain are more than likely going to look to piracy if legitimate options are sued into oblivion. The music industry needs to die so in can start over again and realise they are supposed to serve customers not the other way round

Always shitting on the little guy. What a surprise.

British Pillocks Institute. You cant win even if you buy genuine CDs. Pray tell us where the 41 million is going oh godfather of brit pop? Which bands are you giving it to?