CD wont start

I installed a new graphics program on my laptop which is running Vista. As long as I didn’t restart the computer, the cd drive was fine, but as soon as I restarted the computer, my cd/dvd drive stopped working, in fact, it doesn’t even show up under my computer. This is the third time this has happened; it seems that every time I install this program, it knocks out my cd/dvd drive. However, while the computer is restarting, the cd drives spins, until it’s done opening windows, then disappears. Can someone please help me. Another question–is there some kind of lemon law for computers–I have a two year extended warranty on this thing and it’s been in the shop for this same problem twice already. Thanks for your help!


Hi Rosie, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You say the drive disappears from My Computer - is there a yellow exclamation mark next to the drive in Device Manager? If so, if there also an error code number when you right-click the drive, and select Properties?

Actually, I got so frustrated that I just did a system restore. It took out the program that I had just installed and it was fine. The program (Print Shop 22) has a problem evidently with Vista. God, I hate Vista. Anyway all the other programs that I’ve installed are fine. Thanks anyway, if it happens again, I will look at the error code number.:flower:

Glad you got it sorted - and identified the culprit :slight_smile: