"CD won't play on PC"

I love John Williams music, but the darn “Star Wars 2” soundtrack won’t play on PC. The soundtrack in question is a Sony release, and simply freezes up my PC as soon as the drive is closed.

Yes, I buy my CDs [because it’s not very often anyway]. I’ve got all the other [bought] Star Wars music burned to my PC HD.

I figure there must be a crack out there so at least I can get tracks 2 and 13 to HD, so that I can play them in the environment I’m mostly in.

Any ideas?

Sincere thanks for any help,


Pasted from a website :

Summary of Sony’s new set of non-“Red Book” audio CD releases
There have been a number of UK releases recently from Sony-owned companies (including Epic and Columbia) that have followed the same pattern. The CDs are in a non-“Red Book” format (i.e. they are not fully standard-conforming audio CDs), and they have problems playing on computers and some other devices. The CDs also include brief warning messages printed on the packaging to the effect of “Will not play on Mac / PC”. We believe that the corruption format is Key2Audio.

CDs in this category include:

“A New Day Has Come” by Celine Dion
“Star Wars Episode 2” soundtrack
“Spiderman” soundtrack
“Laundry Service” by Shakira
“Green Eyed Soul” by Sarah Connor
“J To Tha L-O: The Remixes!” by Jennifer Lopez
“This is the Remix” by Destiny’s Child
“MTV Unplugged 2.0” by Lauryn Hill
“Heart To Yours” by Michelle Williams
“Flickering Flame” by Roger Waters
“Celtica” by various artists
“Masquerade” by Wyclef Jean
“The Osbourne Family Album” by various artists
“Live at Budokan” by Ozzy Osbourne
“Incredible” by Mary Mary
“Oh yeah! Ultimate Hits” by AeroSmith
“Dance X-plosion” by various artists
“Northern Light” by Covenant

Now to find a reader which can read key2audio protected cd’s…

Not intended to be a tall claim, boast, rant, etc,etc…

read/r1pped legally purchased originals of

Shakira - Laundry Service (key2audi0) -and-
Westlife - World of Our Own (cactus data shield)

on a sony CRX-160E burner,
system is win98se,
aspi 4.60,
Auto-insert notification AND autorun disabled,
DMA enabled,
burner is secondary master (on its’ lonesome),
program used was “FreeRip Mp3 v1.21”,

ripping procedure? start freerip, put cd in drive, click on “refresh cd” button several times till it shows ok, select required tracks, and click on “rip tracks”. fini!

has -NO- special ripping options. Ripped stuff played back ok.