CD wont play in computer



I have a CD of music from mid 1990s that I am trying to burn copies. It was made from DAT to.cda using Red Book. I can play it in any commercial CD player, as well as it plays in my DVD player. Wont play on computer CDROM, DVD, etc. Just spins. When I pull up drive on my computers, it either says please insert disc/blank or shows CD image but wont run. Any ideas? I have tried to burn with CDEX and it sees the tracks, but it cant burn. It tries to spin CD, but it cant and then comes up with an error. Thanks!


I recall a post of yours quite similar to this one just a few days ago.
The drives that ask you to insert blank discs must be recorders not just CD-ROM players (have to agree that tese are becoming a rare kind of drive), but I don’t understand what you mean by “or shows CD image but wont run”.
Just a guess: that CD is more than 1years old and can be unusable. But supposing you’re lucky and it is still OK, it is probably the kind of 1 speed or a, by the time “fast” 2 speeds disc.
Did you check if your pc drives accept this specification? Some new drives refuse to play such a slow discs and some new burner don’t accept discs bellow 10x speeds, but you can still find drives that can play 1x discs.
To end, you say your disc is according to Red Book (so a Digital Audio CD) - if it is finalized (and it seems so, as commercial players use it) your PC should have no problems.


I guess agomes have said all and I hope you take his good and sound advised.