CD won't play after burning

You guys have helped me so much I thought I’d ask another dumb question. This never happened with my old cd burner. I have the Cendyne 48X16X48, but after someone alerted me to the fact that I might have a Lightning IV, I checked the box, and sure enough I did. But, the burner seems fine but the CD’s i make will play in the cars, and my PC, but won’t play in the two portable boom box’s I have. Is it because they are portable, cheap, or what. Is there some setting that I am missing? I did not install the Nero as i read on this forum that there were to many problems connected with it. I use Musicmatch 7.0. The Musicmatch worked just fine with the old burner. HELP!!!:frowning:

If it plays on your PC, then that confirms your 2 boomboxes are crappy junks that can’t read CDR.

And that comment about Nero having problem burning CDs… as always, I got no prolem making CD compilation on my system and neither do people whose system I built. WinXP Pro SP1 w/ lastest Nero btw.

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One player is a Sony, and the other one is a cheap one from Best Buy. So it doesn’t have anything to do with the software or the burner, just the cheap players.

After reading a few threads I just had another thought. I burn at 1X, and the drive is48X16X48. Could this be the problem? Should i set the burn rate higher?

Ok, why are you burning at 1x? That’s not even necessay if you’re doing it to ensure data quality. Your rebadged Lite-On will give you good quality burn whether you burn at 1x or 48x. Burn at full speed and see what happens.

Whether the CD can play or not is up to the player. Some are just no up to the task at reading CDRs. It has nothing to do w/ what software you used to make that CD.

Generally speaking, there are two things you can try to have these backups play in cd players:

  1. Try writing at lower speed (you already tried the lowest speed)
  2. Use better quality media

If the above won’t work, it is most likely your player that is not able to read the backups (due to weak laser or any other reason).

Perhaps you can find other solutions and/or discussions by using the search, this is a common problem and discussed before.

Good luck

Some people have more success with CD-Rs using a dark blue dye. i.e. Metal Azo, Cyanine …

What is the better kind of media to buy. I am so new at this. Give me some brand names, where to buy, etc. Thanks all!

I would really give Nero a go, it works for me ok, just remember to click on audio CD when it asks, also make sure in CDA options the tick is applied in the Remove silence at the end of *.cda tracks, I know while experementing years ago I found that mp3s converted to audio seemed to need this ticked before they play in regular boom boxes.

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What is the better kind of media to buy. I am so new at this. Give me some brand names, where to buy, etc. Thanks all!

Check out this forum: