Cd won't finalize but DVD will



Good morning/evening (where ever you are)

For some reason unknowned to me, my DVD burner (Benq 1620) won’t finalize any burn. It does not matter if i use alcohol, Nero or drag and drop, the burner does its job to 100% burn and just hang there. Alcohol freeze, the cd stop spinning (green light) and it does no not close the cd. I tried burn image, burn files, copy whole CD and it always does the same thing. Now, If I take the CD coasters and insert them in my old Benq CD burner it takes like two minute and the data appear in explore. It looks like My Benq 1620 can’t read CD but can DVD. However when I insert an already burned CD, it reads it no problem. It just does not read the CDs it burned (I think???)

If i use DVDs instead of CDs and burn the same files as before everything is alright. The software/burner burn the data, goes to finalizing the DVD and everything works as it is suppose to.

I flash the burner with G7P9, still the same thing. I used four different types of CD media (Verbatim, and three other differents type) to no avail. Uninstall and reinstall all burning software, still the same :frowning:

P.S. everything was working OK before Christmas.

Does anybody have ani idea what could cause this?


Try with another PC. Could be a bad drive. Swap it out with the old Benq and retest.