Cd Will Not Read Cd-r

After months of trouble free ripping and burning, suddenly my LiteOn DVD COMBO will not recognise any disc except for DVD…cannot play any music CD or burn to CD -R.

System just seems to ‘hang’ for a few moments then offer the ‘Program Not Responding’ window.

Frustrating… why has this suddenly happened, burner less than 6 month old. Have tried uninstall / reinstall to no avail. Running XP and have tried burning with Mediaplayer10, Nero and Realplayer.



seems that we’re having similar problems:

Other drive, but same trouble…

So I’m not the only one ! Let me know if you find a fix, I have a collegue coming to look a my drive soon, so if he can fix it, I’ll let you know how.

No idea for the moment. At the moment I think that the laser for the CD is broken.

@ fourlambs & paloema

Please do not crosspost, it’s against forum rules. I read and tried to give an answer here:

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