Cd/wav to dvd in wav format



Hi all
I usually convert my wavs to AC3 and am very happy but I would like to convert some old LPs to wav and burn them as wav on a DVD and play them through my DVD player.
Has anybody done this and haw is it done?
Thanks in advance
Big T


What’s wrong with just converting to an Audio CD or even MP3 (quality will be as good as that off of the LPs?


Well, I’ve done LP to CDs and was so disgusted with the clicks and pops coming from a CD that I tossed the discs and bought the original CDs.

After putting that much time into it (has to be done in real time) I was extremely disappointed. Never again!!!


Sounds like you’ve gone from WAV to AC3 before, just do whatever you did before.


Tx for all the suggestions.
I have been converting LPs to CDs for some years now and have, I think, nearly perfected the system. Most of the LPs that I convert are “Big Band & Swing” and not available as CDs plus when you consider the cost of the LPs, it makes it worthwhile. I’ve converted well over 4000 LPs todate and stopped counting. If there is any clicks or pops on my CDs, I am disgusted and reprocess them. I would gladdly send you an example.
My reason for wanting to put them on DVD is simply that I can get more onto a CD?DVD without using any lossy coding.
Once again, thanks for the help
Big T


Hello, Big T!

I can coincidentally tell you that I am on the same boat like you!

Well, it is indeed possible to burn raw PCM files and place them on a CD or DVD, but you have to burn them as data and play with the file system (UDF, ISO, etc.) so that the disc can be compatible with some standalone DVD players. Reportedly, some Kiss players from Denmark can play these type of discs.

I am at this very moment researching the best software solutions to achieve our common goal, so perhaps you can E-mail me to exchange information.


Carlos Albert L.
discomakberto (at) megamixers (dot) co (dot) uk