CD Wallets




I need a CD Wallet that has a capacity of around 200 DVD’s. I want it to be cheap as possibler, But good quality and one that won’t ruin my discs. Which ones do you guys use? Thanks


i’ve used Case Logic large capacity CD binders (100+ discs) with good success for the last 10 years…

ones like these but not as big:

there are many more styles/capacities available…do a search for “case logic” on…prices aren’t bad…


The “Conductor Series,” one’s are nice too. I just had 4 of them FULL stolen. :confused:



dude, that sucks…sorry. :sad:


i’ve got 2 of the 320s and one 264 and they work great. since i heard that wieght can be an issue (the bottom disk apparently suffers) i stand them on end which seems to workout fine.


Eek, I live in UK. ANybody got links for UK?


i used to store them horizontally (for many many years) with no issues, but have recently started storing them vertically.

sorry…didn’t realize you were in the UK. doesn’t seem like they have any offices in the UK, but you can try and contact the Euro office in Belgium here and ask for recommended resellers/retailers: