CD Wallet HELP (PVC) & 10% Meritline Coupon

A year ago, I bought 2 of the 520 PVC CD/DVD Wallet’s, and they’re not bad, had to keep the cardboard insert, it really helps. I’m not 100% happy with them since the weight seems to be taking its toll on the back end, every time I lift it, but still, it did the trick.

Now I’m looking at buying either one of their

424 CD/DVD Wallets or 328 PVC CD/DVD Wallets

& I would like a little info into some experiences with any these cases.

For those that don’t like using wallets, I respect your opinion, but I need WALLETS. TIA! :cool:

And to make sure this thread stays in the Bargain Basement, here’s a 10% off code for anything at Meritline.

EXPIRES 04/22/2008

Those are pretty low prices. What about the shipping?

The red 424 wallet listed with free shipping is $39.00 and the exact same red 424 wallet without free shipping was $11.99

They do look pretty nice. I’ve got some body gloves that are sweet,but only hold half that amount.

Now I get mine free from PepsiStuff bottle caps and cartons. 145 pepsi points each,and free shipping for a Case Logic 336 cd wallet. I got enough points for 8 more. These are via through pepsi.

Man what people throw away and don’t realize the value of bottle cap codes or the codes inside the boxes of soda pop.