CD verification fails

I am trying to burn and verify an ISO image that was downloaded from the internet in a zip file and tested and extracted with no errors. When I try to burn and verify with Nero always verification fails (on two different sectors). I tried burning and verifing using two different burners (each indepentently connected on a different IDE port) but with the same problem. I am using high quality CDR media that naver caused me problems in the past. Any ideas what why does this happen?

@ kyrcy
do these discs read/play ok in any reader/player? I am suggesting the possibility that Nero is …wrong:).

I am trying to burn and verify a data ISO image. This is part of a unix OS set of discs, so I don’t want to proceed and have a problem in the middle of the installation.

I’ve just been through half a dozen discs (two different types) with the latest Nero - each one burned a DAO CDR fine, but on verification, at exactly 98 percent, (as the ultrabuffer begins to empty) the read speed slows right down, then speeds back up again. Each time Nero complains of a block error at exactly that point, but the discs read back fine both in the Philips DVDR and Pioneer DVDROM.

It’s very weird though, because I have one disc image that consistently gives this error, but two others I did (one shorter and one longer) burned and verified with no errors.

Looks like it’s (yet another) Nero 6.6.x bug :eek: I think it’s reporting a failed verification where there’s nothing wrong.

Is anyone aware of a different program that will do verification/comparison after writing an ISO image?

I’m not 100% certain but I think that CDBurnerXP does what you need and it’s a free program. You oughta check it out.


I did a comparison between the ISO image and the written CD that failed verification and no differences were found. So it seems that this is a bug with Nero.