CD Tray stuck in Philips MX 5600D

I have a Philips MX5600D home theatre system. I had put a DVD in tray#4. It is stuck for 3 days now. Now, I am not able to open or play any of the slots. I had only 1 another Cd in tray#1 which somehow opened once that I could remove it. But after that none of them are opening and my DVD is stuck in tray #4.

It is out of warrenty; now I want to know the tools that are required to open the box that i can remove DVD manually.


The interactive troubleshooting guide on the Philips US website suggests temporarily disconnecting the player from the power outlet for 10 to 15 seconds to reset it. I’d give it 5 minutes.

Otherwise you could look to see whether there’s a small hole under the tray on the fascia. Previous Philips DVD recorders had such a thing, where you could push the blade of a screwdriver or strong paperclip in gently and release the tray lock.

If all else fails I suggest contacting Philips via the troubleshooting guide.