Cd track size is low

i have aproblem of therack size shown when a cd music is inserted in my laptop.
to be specific , when i insert a music cd to playback in my laptop.and want to check the size that covers in the cd it shows the amount of 44bytes to all of the tracks.i tried to palyback a commercial cd but remains the same amount of size.
could someone help me about it.
it happens now after 2 years of use of this laptop.

Those 44 bytes .cda files are just pointers to where the song data is located on CD.

Look here (first paragraph) or here.

…or a little more detailed at cdfreaks :wink:

thank you for your time s funny how come i havent seen this before.actually when i recorded a cd yesterday and wanted to play it on my WMM i wanted to check the bit rate.but there was no indication about it and then i opened the cd track and see that made me confused.anyway after 2 years there is always something new to learn.
thanks again.