CD track names



When I burn a CD of individual music tracks the CD list the tracks as track 1 , track 2 etc. However when I copy a CD the Name of the track appears on the copy CD.How can I get the Track music title to appear.
I am using Windows XP, and have tried using Windows Media, RealPlayer and Nero 7.
Thanks for any help


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You can only display the artist, track etc if you’ve written the CD with CD-Text and your player , be it an application on the PC or a standalone player, can read CD-Text.

Windows Media & Nero don’t , not sure about RealPLayer.


Thanks for your prompt reply,Can You tell me how I write CD in CD text please.
Thanks a lot


The easiest way I know is with Burrrn ( It’s a free app that only creates Audio CDs, taking in a wide range of music formats and does a great job.

Nero will do it but as I don’t use Nero for that purpose I’m not able to guide you in how to do it.


Nero just takes the file name if you’re burning from Mp3. you’ll find your mp3’s are called track 1,2, etc. if you rename the mp3 to the song title then it should work. Does in my car anyway


Nero uses the data contained in the MP3 tags to write the CD-Text not the filename. Your filenames could be track1, 2 etc but as long as the tags are correct it’ll work fine.

If your using nero you have to enable the CD-Text option for it to burn that info. However make sure though that the audio files your trying to burn actually have the artist, album data inserted correctly. I’ve had a few MP3’s where the track names have been Track01, Track02 etc written in the ID3 tags and therefore will burn like the if CD-Text option is enabled


Thanks I will gtve that a try


YES I tried a compilation CD in Nero7 and it works- Thanks everybody


Cool. Glad we could be of some help. Go try Burrrn tho. Its a good program for burning MP3’s and its freeware


Have downloaded ,looks interesting will give it a try