Cd track gaps



does anyone know how to put the gaps so you can select each track on cds?


and what i mean is i mix my own records and i record through my pc so… it comes out in one big track and what i want to do is use something??? to put track change markers where i think they should be! if you know what i mean


or where do i get a cue sheet?


Wave Repair shareware does a very good job with .wav files (only .wav – no other formats supported). Creates .cue sheets with ease after you figure out how. I have used it for years. I believe there is a 30-day trial and then you have limited features. About $30 USD. Regards, gamma1


Agree with gamma1 - but be aware that WaveRepair can be a little fussy with recognising wav formats.
Another possibility is Audacity, which is free.

BTW - what OS are you using? I’m recommending for pc windows.


thanks a lot guys i think i can do it now


on audacity how do you mark where you want the tracks? the help menu does not make much sense


and its windows xp


I usually use WaveRepair for separating the tracks, however, in Audacity you can import a large amount of files - First screen shot of an uploaded vinyl album Side A of The Stranglers - The Collection (just in case you’re interested :bigsmile: ) You can see the separate tracks have obvious gaps between them. If gaps aren’t obvious, keep zooming in until you find the place you want.

When you know where your track begins and ends, select it with the “I” tool - it will be highlighted as shown in shot 2. Then cut or copy to a new Audacity file and paste. You’ll have your individual track that can be named and saved / exported in whichever format you’re using.
These were all WAVs.


thanks but the track i am uploading is a mix of many records together and so there is no gaps and i dont really want any APART from a track selection marker so as you do with all shop bought cds you can select any track by skiping.


Hi again - sorry, my misunderstanding :slight_smile:

However - the Audacity system should still work fine as you just select track at arbitrary / convinent places for listening, then burn the CD without gaps. There will only be gaps if you insert them yourself (or don’t alter any pre-sets in the software), even though they are separate tracks.

I’ve edited a number of recordings where tracks are mixed in together and they work fine. To listen it seems one single track, but you can select like any other CD.


hi im really sorry if im being thick but i tried last night but what i had to do is copy and paste from a minute time during the track and try to patch it all together but im assuming thats wrong as i could not get it to work when i downloaed to my pc so… is there a way to just click on the uploaded track with something to just make a marker


Not to worry! Forums are designed for asking questions :bigsmile:

Now, I didn’t really understand what you had tried to do from your post…
Firstly - did you import one large wave file into Audacity which contains all the “tracks” that you want to split out?
If you did, the you should see something like the screen shots with a Wave file.
When you have this single file you can zoom in and then decide where you would like the first track to begin and end. Use the copy and paste function to make it a new, separate track.
Then export this single track as a separate file “track 1” e.g.
Repeat, selecting and copying for tracks 2,3, etc.
At the end they will all be saved as separate files, which you can then make into a playlist or burn to CD (making sure not to insert any gaps between them).

If you want to use WaveRepair instead, you can open your single large wave file, and use the cue sheet function to pick where your tracks begin and end. This is probably more like the “markers” you are describing.
Once you have made the cue sheet, you then rip the big wave file into the separate tracks - which will still be named track 1, track 2 etc. Then you can make a playlist / burn in the same way.

If you are still having problems with this, maybe post some screen shots of what exactly you are doing so it will be easier to help.


thanks i think the wave repair sounds like what i need as i did what you said in the above text and it seemed like a hard and inaccurate way but please tell me is this wave repair on audacity? or where do i get it i had a look but its not there unless i missed it


wait wait i think i might have it i will let you know


i have made the cue markers but when i export it it comes as a seperate file how do i put them together?


Hi terranova69,
WaveRepair is the first software suggested by Gamma1 - he provided a link for you to download it for a 30 day trial.

As far as cue sheets and tracks are concerned, I think you are misunderstanding me :iagree:

The original file you have is 1 long track.
In order to have separate tracks that a CD player will recognise and let you select, you have to split them up into separate tracks in the way described.
If you put them back together, they you will again have 1 long track; and that is where you started.

You must also understand that just because you split a large track into several small ones, it does not mean that you will detect any audio gap or silence between them when you play them. They are separate tracks to the CD player, but will play continuously to your ear - and sound just like the original. :iagree:

Both softwares suggested will save the split tracks as separate files.


The .cue file does not modify the wave file. It only serves as a guide to the playback or burning program by storing the location of the .wav file, the location in the .wav file of the gaps and what to call each track. The .cue file is a simple text file. After you generate a .cue file, try opening it with Notepad or even MS Word. This will show you what the .cue file contains.

Load the .cue file into a freeware burning program such as Burrrn or Burnatonce and burn. Burnatonce gives you more control over the gaps, but is a little trickier to use. If you want to pay for a burning program, Nero and and others are available, but I doubt they are easier to use.


hi gamma i have downloaded burnatonce but wehn i try to load something it says incorrect bin name found in cue sheet any ideas why?


hahahahahaha AT LAST i have done it! by using goldwave to make the cue sheet and burrrn to burn the cd it is done i cant say thanks enough now i have my own proper cd and i love it!