Cd track gaps

does anyone know how to put the gaps so you can select each track on cds?

If it’s Audio CDs you’re asking about then every track you add to your burning app will be a separate , selectable track on the Audio CD.

Mostly the question is how to burn an Audio CD without track gaps being apparent.

ah but what i mean is i mix my own records and i record through my pc so… it comes out in one big track and what i want to do is use something??? to put track change markers where i think they should be! if you know what i mean

hmm, what kind of software did you use to create the audio cd? If it was really recorded as one big track, then you can not hope there will be gap between them. Gap is actually refering a extend in leadin or leadout.

So, you may need do it manually, using wav editor, try to split it by listening and observing the wave form. Good luck.