CD to Wav impossible? Please help!

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

I have very big problems with a cd.
Its a demo cd-r from a band, that i want to burn to some friends.

I have never had problems with ripping and burning cd-r before, but this one is very tricky.
The cd-r has 3 tracks, and they play perfectly in my cd player.

I want to rip the tracks to wav files, and i can, the thing is when the files are done (which takes about 20min each!!) the music jumps (i really dont know how to explain the word in english :stuck_out_tongue: ).
Music for 3 sec, then it “hacks” for 1 sec, and continues that way till the end.

I have tried to rip this way with 7 programs.
Where gotta be a way to get the wav files right? :confused:

Please! Someone help me with this problem, :bow: :wink:

Have you tried EAC or CDex ?

Have you tried another drive ?

Just to se what happens, have you tried to rip and encode on the fly to mp3 ?

can’t you do a “Copy on the Fly” ?

what OS and system specs ?

what burning software ?

Yes, i have tried both of them without luck.
CDex says Error:1, 2, 3 etc when ripping.

No, i only have this DVD-RW drive connected.

Same thing there, the mp3 files “hacks” or “jumps” like i said. :frowning:

I only have one drive so i want to put it on the disk first as wav.

Not that i think this has anything to do with it but, Win XP Pro, P4 3.0Ghz, 1024 RAM, NEC 2500A DVD-R with newest firmware.

Im not burning, i want to copy the wav file to harddrive.

2 drives aren’t necessary in a copy on the fly in nero - it’ll copy to hdd, then ask you to insert the blank cd

i thought perhaps that was the goal - but if editing the wavs are necessary, then i guess you’ll need a diff solution to get them decoded to hdd

are the files in cda format now ?

what media player are you using for playback ?

At this point try it on a friends pc and see what happens.

if nothing changes then you will have to record the cd to HDD, with a program like Audacity

(you can use some parts of the “How to transfer a tape to a CD using Audacity” guide for this, as it’s quite the same thing)

Put the player in the drive, open your default playback software (mediaplayer or winamp).
open Audacity check volume inputs, check windows mixer volume controls and start recording, stop at the tracks end and repeat for the other two tracks…

save it to WAV and your done, the recording will remain in the digital domain, edit at wish :wink:

Yes they are in .cda now

The CD doesn’t work in Windows Media Player or Winamp at all. :frowning:

Hmm, i will try that thing. But will the files be the same after? I mean, wav files of 30mb+ ?

might be a little bigger.

if player doesn’t see the disc but sdrive does, then you do have a problerm with OS maybe ?

All players see the disc and the tracks, but i cant rip it.
I have about 500 cds and this is the only one thats like this, so its not my OS.

Since it is a CD-R from a band, could be that it has been crippled with CCD-Lock or something like this…
I made a test CD-R with CCD-Lock and wasn’t able to copy or rip it anymore… :eek:
Is CloneCD one of the 7 programs you tried for ripping?


Yep, have tried CloneCD without any luck. Just Error… :frowning:
CCD-lock ey? gotta be a way to get past it?

xstacydima says here that CloneCD copies for sure a CD made with CCD-Lock, but I wasn’t able to do it with mine. :eek:
For more info about CCD-Lock, try with a [cdfsearch=CCD-Lock]search[/cdfsearch]. :wink:



Didn’t find anything useful. :frowning:
So i’ll give up

try making a Copy - and then Rip from the Copy, rather than the Orig – if it is some ‘protection’, hopefully making the copy may not tranfer the protection scheme.

…and just to get it straight

  • you can NOT play the CD on the computer using any media player ?

  • you CAN play the CD in stand-alone players ?

That is correct! Dont know how to make copy though, since CloneCD says error all the time.

If the band is so unprofessional that they can’t burn a proper CD when their careers depends on it… are they really all that great? :wink:

Haha! You do realize that your really not supposed to burn cds? So its actually really smart of them.
I still can listen in the stand-alone cd so thats good. :iagree:

i wonder if the studio has one of those “ProMedia” CD copiers /players(???) - can’t recall the name/format or somesuch formatted players, that uses a proprietary format - …darn-it - there’s another thread around here somewhere, in which the OP was having an issue ‘ripping’ a CD he took home from work - likes the music and wanted to make a copy…but as was stated in that thread, it’s a ‘specific’ hardware player that can play the disks (yet - i can’t recall if he could play it in a basic stand-alone player)