Cd to mp3 software

Hello guys/gals my first post here in this section, I am in search of software that will let me me burn a cd as an CONTINUOUS mp3 its a trance cd and would like to convert it over to mp3 without pauses in between tracks just like it plays in my cd player.
Thanks guys in advanced for your help.
(tried to burn it in winMP but it wont do it as one whole CONTINUOUS mp3 :frowning: )

adobe audition can do it

Easy CD-DA Extractor ( will do it! Best audio converting software out there!

thanks guys apreciate it … also since before i coudlnt finda program that would give me one continuous file from a cd… i have a few … cds taht the songs are together… can thsi program put the files join da files back like how they play on cd…? btw i am thinkin of buyin the program it really really fast man i like it thx… rendez

When you rip a CD, if you select single file output and the create cue sheet option, you can use the cue sheet to re-burn the file back to CD with individual tracks in the future.

ahh ok kuz i mean i have difrrent cds that i burned that play continuously but i burned them as seperate tracks… what i wanna do now is convert those mp3s from those cd’s(continuous) to one single output mp3file. see thing is i dont have those cds no more i just recently moved left those n forgot a bunch of stuff outa state including 2 boxes full of cds over 200 cds not good :frowning:

As I said before, you can do it with Adobe Audition, probably with other sound editors as well.

thx man preciate it

wow adobe audition looks very complicated to use lol ill figure it out unless u can gimee some tips :stuck_out_tongue: petremure