CD to .ISO > Burn to Blank > Drive Cant Read

Had a simple task. Friends elderly mom having no PC wanted to view the free video on Steve Tyrells Disney CD. I thought simply explore, pick off the video and burn it to DVD. Surprised to find the video was shockwave format, and it was not shown separately in explorer.
(In desperation I used TV out of PC to record it to VCR…then captured as .avi, then burned to DVD)

What I dont get is that the .ISO that I made of the cd using DVDInfoPro could not be read after burning to new disc. Message said something either corrupted , or format not recognized…tried 2 times , each burn successful. Used CloneCD once , and (?) another time. (sorry I forgot , pressed for time now and not big on burning any type CDs at all )

Oddly, if I use ISObuster to open the disc, only the song titles appear. Same for when I chose Exact Copy using RecordNOW…only song .wav titles were created??

That’s only a driver/software problem then.

Once I recorded the .swf video to VCR , its downhill from there. Just re-captured as .avi , burned to DVD using Pinnacle Studio , or any DVD program.
The posted problem was about the .iso…but I think I may have the answer to that. Notice I used DVDinfoPro to produce the .iso from a CD.
The process went smoothly and displayed successful message. However, was it perhaps in a DVD format? I forgot to mention that the .iso resulting from this task caused all kinds of alarms and complaints when I tried to open it with ISOBuster ! When I’Bster got done, there were tons of question marks displayed in the right info window, as it could not make any sense of the .iso file.
Maybe I should have tried CloneCD to make the .iso, but I’m sure I thought of that…and I believe this app. makes it’s own filetype other than .iso…“ccd”?? I think.
Thanks for responses…I got it done, just round-about way.

ccd are clonecd images, true.