CD to hard drive Question

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I am trying to copy a data disk to my hard drive at work. This data disk has some pdf data sheets along with a flash program that serves as a main menu for navigating through the data. It also has software on the cd, and to install the software you click on a button on the flash “main menu” and it boots up the installation software.

Now, I have copied the cd to the harddrive and everything works except for the installation of the program. When you click the button it looks for the installation files, but its looking at the directory C:\data sheets. If I copy the files into C:\data sheets, the setup program will run.

Is there a way that I can trick the setup program into running the files from their new subdirectory C:\my documents\cd info\data sheets? or am I stuck having to copy them directly in the C:\ directory.

My point of this is I want to put this whole cd onto my own cd. Im trying to add several cd’s of the same type to one cd, so you can put one cd in your drive and install several of these types of programs.

Sorry for writing a book!! Here’s cliffs:

-copied the cd to the harddrive

-everything works except for setup program

-setup is looking for files in c:\data sheets when I want it to look in c:\mydocs\data sheets

-can I trick the setup program into thinking that the files it is looking for are actually in C:\ without actually putting the files there?


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