CD to DVD Newbie Question



I am new, just signed up.:slight_smile: I haven’t figured out how to search this forum for the question that may have been asked previously, so I may be asking for a repeat.:rolleyes::confused:
I have a series of Video CDs of a television miniseries that I burned off my Dish recorder. My friend has a difficult time getting them to play on his CD/DVD player, so I thought if I re-recorded them off the Video CD to a DVD, his player might be able to handle it.(I no longer have them on the Dish recorder)
How do I re-record these CDs to DVDs?:bow:
I have Pinnacle and Nero available.


If you have the full Nero Burning Suite, Nero Vision should be able to convert VCD to dvd-video for you. Copy the vcd’s to the hard drive first, then import them into Nero Vision and set the output as dvd video. Make sure the dvd matches your country’s standards (NTSC for US, PAL for most of the rest of the world).

You can also use AVStoDVD, which is a free conversion program. Same instructions apply…start from video on the hard drive, set region standard. You can find AVStoDVD here: It will produce a finished dvd ready to burn, or you can set it to burn automatically with ImgBurn, which is included in the package.

You may only fit a few of the vcd’s onto one disk. Try to keep the running time per dvd down to about 2-2 1/2 hrs for best quality.


Thanks,:clap: It seemed to work except I ran into a problem.
I had about 2 hours on 2 vcds. I copied the two cds to the hard drive and put them on a dvd using nero. for some reason only the second file will play on the dvd player. The first episode is there, but I can’t get it to play.
It plays OK on my computer.
What did I do wrong?:o


Did you make a menu to select each dvd video? That usually helps when you try to combine separate videos onto one disk.

Nero Vision or AVStoDVD will allow you to make a menu for your compilation.