Cd to cd burning

hey ppls
im not sure if this topic has been discussed but i did try the search:)
but i have a Creatives Infra 52XAudioXcel cd rom and a Sony CDRW 24x10x40 burner
and i use clone cd 4 along with Nero and i cant seem to get them to burn a cd directly by cd to cd copy, with clone cd it pauses at a certain percentage and the computer needs to be restarted, with nero burning the program just has an error halfway through the burning process… is it possible to burn cd to cd with my cdroms?
im using XP by the way

what error do you get…what does it say?

do you copy on the fly, or do you use an image file when you copy from cd to cd?

ummmms… as for clonecd it just freezes up… but with nero i kinda forgot…
i burn cd to cd with ‘on the fly option’
i hav tried burning with all speeds from 2 to 24 just as a little test thingie
i’ll give u the error later…

for nero it doesnt start burning, it just says ‘illegal mode for this track’ and ‘Error reading Data’
i was trying it on 16X

What are you trying to burn anyway?

Backing up copy protected CDs on the fly (directly to CD, without having the program write it to you hdd first) is usually not a good idea, since it takes a while for CloneCD to read past the errors (‘bad sectors’)

How are your drives connected, are they each on a separate IDE cable, or are they connected as master for the witer and slave for the reader on the same cable?

There is not enough info yet…please provide

umms im trying to burn a vcd i got from overseas
as for the connecting thing im not too good when it comes to computer connections and stuff… but i tink its that second bit u sed, that thing abt the same cable
but im not 100% sure

uncheck on the fly…and use a read and burn speed for vcd lower or equal then 4

so you cant really burn higher than 4x cd to cd with a vcd?
hows bout a data disk?

data can be burned faster…i burn it on max. speed…
but some cd-rom players need some time to find the disk when it is burned at high speeds.

but when you burn a vcd to fast you can get skipping in your stand-alone dvd player and somethings can go wrong with the sync of audio/video.

But…perhaps you can try it at faster sppeds…but do not use “on the fly”

sounds like they are both on the same IDE. my nero caught me doing this, though, and slowed me down to 12x. also, since vcd’s have very little error protection, its vital to burn slowly

thanx for the info guys :slight_smile: