Cd Text?


I’m new on this forum.

This question is not exactly audio-related but I could not find a place on the forum where it would have been more relevant.

I have just purchased a Sony DAV-SC8 Home Theater with SACD capability. This is also my first player with support for CD TEXT.

I have noticed that almost all recent Sony Music releases display the CD TEXT logo. However, when playing them in my new drive, many of them do not actually offer any text at all!

All the discs I have are from Sony’s Austrian plant. Some (Suede’ Singles, Bruce Springsteen’s The Rising and 18 Tracks, etc.) do have text while others (Patti Smith’s Tramping, Heather Nova’s Storm, etc.) do not.

Does someone kno why some discs are sold as CD TEXT even though there is actually no text on them? Thanks in advance.

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Hello once more,

It appears that all the discs I mentioned in my previous post do display text in another player.

So it seems that the DAV-SC8 has some limitation in its CD Text support. There are apparently two different formats in use, and only one is supported here.

What I can’t understand is why Sony’s Austrian plant produces both formats in alternance, and why the same brand is making players that only support one of them!

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