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Hi, I want to do an Audio CD with CD Text, I did some test wit a CD-RW using Nero, Feurio and NTI CD Maker.
I have a Lite-On LTR-40125S, Nero in Recorder - Choose Recorder, CD Supported.
No one test was o.k. I dont know what I’ m doing wrong.
Could you please tell me, steep by steep how I have to do to burn an Audio CD with CD Text.


I’m not familiar with CD-Text and the other apps. Your burner will have to be CD-T capable - not all are.
Try DiscJuggler
Look under Tutorials for CD-Text instructions

Your drive is by all means capable of writing CD Text. In order to write CD Text though the DAo16 or DAO 96 method should be used. In Nero for example this setting can be found as a drop down menu in the “burn” tab.

feurio has the option…it is in the burning dialog

does your cd playe support cd-text by the way??

My CD has CD Text Supported ( I saw it using Nero - Recorder - Choose Recorder)
In Nero I do this:
New Proyect - Audio CD - Check Write CD Text On CD, I put Title and Artist, click on new. From my mp3 music list I select some songs and put in audio 1 window. With 2 click in one song open a Audio Track Info window and in Edit properties y put Title (CD Text), Artist (CD Text) Information. I do that for all songs. then O.K. Then open Write CD Window, write method Disc - at - once. And thas all. I have a car cd player with CD text support and always say NO TITLE. So I test in a apple computer with I Tunes software, that I know show CD Text. But my CD does not work. Any advice ?

I Tunes software, that I know show CD Text

perhaps it just reads the tags from themusic…or recoqnizes the cd from a data base

you really should use Feurio…just make an project…with artitst and cd title…adn drop the mp3’s in it
Then press burn…and select cd-text
should work…it does for me

Forget about buggy Nero.

Feurio has the best support for CD-Text.
Go to Feurio CD-Manager and press the “CD-text” button next to the “Device” selection.
That will tell you if CD-Text has been written to the disc. (Make sure that your drive can read CD-Text, so use the burner to read which should be already configured in Feurio to read CD-Text).

When writing, you have a very nice tab in Feurio CD-Writer called “CD-Text” which will exactly tell you how the titles are going to be burned.

Hi, thank you for yours advices
I made a test with Feurio I usually use 80 minutes CD,and record cd for 78 or 76 minutes. Whe I did a test with Feurio, a warning message display.
So I burn only 72 minuts and everyting is O.K.


Warning: You’re going to burn an “oversized” CD-TEXT CD, i.e. you’re using an 80/90/99-minutes blank or you’re using “overburning”.
(The CD you’re going to burn has a size of 77:10 minutes)

We noticed, when doing some tests, that some CD-players do NOT read CD-Text correctly, when oversized (i.e. not 100red-book compatible) CDs are used - in this case the players don’t display any CD-Text!

Up to now, this phenomen is known for the following CD-players:

  • Sony cdx4000r car cd player

REMARK: This is no error of Feurio! or your CD-writer! The problem is here, that in fact CDs with more than 75 minutes do not match the specifications for audio-CDs (“red book”) - and some CD-players seem to handle these limits very hard. However, CD-Text has nothing to do with the size of the CD, so there is no “good” reason for a CD-player, not to read CD-Text from oversized CDs - but it is as it is, unfortunately. And only the vendors of the CD-player can modify this!

So, if you have problems reading CD-Text with your (CD-Text capable) CD-player: Please check, if your CD-Rom or writer do read the CD-Text informations correctly - if yes, you also have a player, that doesn’t read CD-Text from “oversized” CDs - you then have just the following possibilities:
a) Use the player without displaying CD-Text
b) Use another player
c) Don’t use oversized CD or “overburning”, i.e. just use CDs with maximal 74 minutes
d) Ask the vendor of the player to correct this.

Don’t worry about the message, it’s only a warning.
Feurio also has the best overburning support. You can burn as long as the CD can store (Feurio CD-Writer -> Extras -> Test capacity of CDR)

Did you try the “CD-Text” button to see if the disc has CD-Text?

Yes, I test my CD with Feurio in CD Test option and I can see the information.
I tohugh, maybe my Audio Car can’t read CD Text if the CD is over 74 min. I dont know…
So do you know some software for windows that can read CD Text…

thanks …


try it on your car player and report here :wink:

Aren’t Feurio and Nero made by the same company (Ahead)???

Originally posted by Ruffrob
Aren’t Feurio and Nero made by the same company (Ahead)???
You may have hurt Jens Fangmeier’s feelings with that one :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmmm…Aheads webside offers Feurio for sale
i thought they bought Feurio…to make use of their audio technology

Ithink that Ahead only distributes Feurio.
It’s made by Fangmeier.

My bad…:bigsmile: I haven’t been to the site lately,but I just seemed to remember Feurio and Nero sharing a peaceful co-existance…:stuck_out_tongue:

they still have a site of their own…were you can buy feurio