I have a problem to recording a cd audio with CD-TEXT. In my car the stereo displayed only the CD-title and not the track title and artists names. Please help me. I have Yamaha CRW2100E and all software to mastering.

I would have to assume that you have a button on your car deck to switch between displays… CD-Artist / CD-Title / Song-Title. You would hit the button so many times to get to the display you want.

Keep in mind that when you burn the CD-Text, if you are doing a various artists compilation, you will have to put the artist and title both into the Song-Title field for the CD-Text.

CD-Artist: Various Artists
CD-Title: Cool Tunes
Song-Title: Actual Artist-Song Title

That way, each song title will include the artist and their song.



Yes I have the button, but when I switch to see song title it displays NO NAME. When I burn my CD Text I put all for cdtext. Please send me an example for any software you want. Tnx

which software are you using?

Roxio Easy CD Creator 5

Is it possible? There aren’t helps for me?

Is it possible? There aren’t helps for me? :eek:

I use Nero version 5 for recording CD-Text, works w/o problems…

Please send me an example. TNX