CD-text write on Pioneer 107D?

I have read the review of the Pioneer 107D and found it very useful - thanks. My question is this, will it write CD-Text?

OK, here goes, 1st attempt to post a question - looking forward to being moved to the Newbies forum… :o

I have completed searches here, checked the Pioneer site, asked my “supplier” and read the review but none mention the ability to write CD-text, just that it can read it. Whereas Sony specifically states that the DRX510 “Writing Formats” include CD-Text.

It’s been a while since I researched burners so it maybe a given that they all write CD-text. Also, I don’t use Nero so I accept that it maybe indicated in the “CD TEXT: Supported” screen shot , but I’d like to be sure…

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Most writers and software nowadays support CD-TEXT,go to the the ‘help’ portion of the software,and you should be able to find
out there. BTW,what software are you using???

Yeah it supports cd-text.

I tried to attach an image but something is wrong with the forum.

This site ROCKS!
Thanks for the help guys.

Don’t have the Pioneer yet, doing my research first. I have a set top Pioneer DVD, that I love, and it came out of the box all-zone enabled - very decent! BTW, my “supplier’s” tech support claim the 107D has proven to be more reliable than the Liteon and Sony.

I confess, I use Roxio 5 :o . Got it free and I liked it for DirectCD. Annoyingly, as reported on Packet writing elsewhere here, it has just started playing up and I can only do reliable burns of my data via a data project now :confused: . XP burning also started playing up at the same time.

So - going off topic for a bit - I’ve followed advice here and cleaned my lens, “disabled” XP burning and checked IMAPI (same thing?). Admittedly, my burner is not set as a master (Ricoh MP7400A - was I the only person to buy one?), but it worked OK like that before. No joy.

Interestingly, I just recalled yesterday that the last bit of new S/W I installed was Creative Playcentre with my Audigy, and I discovered at the same time it has audio burning S/W too - I’ve never used it - I wonder???

Also would have recent BIOS updates for my Asus P4B and Asus GeForce 2 MX400, will check on that one day.