CD-Text using ID3v2?


i have an ipod, and due to the character limits of id3v1, i use all id3v2 for the mp3s on my ipod, and i completely erase the id3v1 tags (as in i uncheck “id3v1” not just erase each field in the id3v1 tag).

although i have an ipod, i still burn audio cds once in a while for the car, and i use nero express (nero 7 ultra) to burn audio cds. for whatever reason, when i drag over tracks that have only id3v2 tags, nero just burns the text as the file name, for example:


but if the mp3 has a id3v1 tag, the cd-text works perfectly and nero can distinguish the id3v1 tag and put the artist, track title, and cd title in the right spots for use in my car cd player.

anyone know why nero can’t read id3v2 tags, and can it be switched to use id3v2 tags instead of id3v1 tags for the purpose of cd-text burning?